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Still alive an' kickin' [06 Nov 2008|11:47pm]
Yo people, sorry haven't been around much, been kinda busy a lot lately, and with the clocks going back my days just seem to get shorter and shorter. By the time I remember to do certain things like email, journal updating and stuff something comes up and I forget to get back to it.

That, and I'm working on getting two cosplays done before Ohayocon. Which is only 2 months away, ones practically done, the other has to be done from scratch including design work and finding materials and such. So I'm rushed off my feet inbetween workingand having a little low time to myself to chill or talking to friends when I can.

Lets see...oh...and by chance, it seems I;m going to be an uncle next year. x.x -Flails.- I'm too young to be an uncle Damn it! Nooo! But yeah, seems my brother is going to have a baby so, from the last news I heard, strangely enough I'm told its birth date estimated is my friggin' birthday! Ironic? Or is life scorning me? -Taps chin.- I just can't believe something like that can happen on all the days but the last day of May...the chances are just...insane. >.>

Other than that, oh...people who went to Yaoicon I wanna see some pictures! Haven't seen any yet. If you got any links, send' em.

Bah, and in 1 week time Wrath of the Lich King is out, means having to level my characters up another 10 long levels. -Sweetdrops.- And I was content just raiding at 70. Still have to knock off Kil'Jaeden in Sunwell. Only thing we need to do. Not sure if I'll have much time on leveling again, but eh... see how it goes.
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Coming home from Yaoi-Con 2008 [30 Sep 2008|08:08pm]
Another year another Yaoicon passes by. Seems like 5 minutes since 2007 happened and all that fun. Looking forward to next year though, even though it probably won't be at the Marriot and all, since the 2 year contract is up and we want a hotel nearer to the hotel.

Currently in the lobby stealing free internets while the hotel is still giving it. Long story there and other stuff that happened at the con which I'll try to post up when I get back. Since my battery is low at the moment...sooooo look forward to talking to people when I get home, even if it will be at home and not in gorgeous SF, BUT! There is Fanime next year... so fingers crossed. ^.^ See you guys back at home wednesday for me.
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Back an' stuff [04 Jun 2008|02:37am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yeah, back in the UK again from my 3 week break in the US. Unbelievable really, hlow fast it really has gone for me. But, I did have an amazing time while there, and a lot of fond memories I'll cherish forever I think.

Especially the time I spent with my significant other, without a doubt, I think thats the happiest time I've ever had with anyone in my life so far. And I thank you for making that possible to Maru for taking me up there to spend those days with my boyfriend.

Its kinda surprising now I look back 6 months ago now. To Ohayocon when I first met Sora, and at the time on that sunday we met, it'd probably just end up being a friendship, or roleplaying partner. Mostly cause I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to love someone yet, but, I guess that all changed when I returned from Ohayocon a few weeks afterward when we started to talk very closely, from the odd phonecall and voicechat to webcam and stuff. You actually were there for me and didn't force anything out of me, or push to get inside...I didn't feel the need to be defensive around you or put up a wall. Somehow, you just managed to touch my heart from the inside, and I guess it all fell into place from there.

I probably wouldn't had even gone to Acen, if you or Maru hadn't pushed me into going. Though, despite what happened, I don't regret it, infact, if anything those three weeks were really special. I got to learn more about my other friends, and how much they really are to me. You all went out of your way for me in many ways, without bitching or being a nazi about it, regardless of your situations. Having a chance to see wolf park and the wolves up there was something in itself. So, Sora, Hia, Maru, Jill, Al and even Skyler to an extent haha, and Maru's parents for being such amusing hosts and letting me stay, plus the english brunch was top class. Makes me want to go back right now and book another flight. ^^ I thank you for the amazing time I spent with you guys. Even though, I'm prolly gonna kill you for embarrassing me on my birthday at the Japanese restaurant, but eh...it was really OMFG good food!! They cooked everything on the table you sat at with your own personal chef, really smart stuff. Jill really spoiled me there, wouldn't even let me see the bill. e.e

But yeah, thanks guys, just sad it came to a close so soon. I miss Carmel, really smart place where Sora's dad lives. And of course, Maru's place is nice too, especially Buttons the puppy. XP Yeah, hate saying goodbye...well.. goodbye at all cause I like to see y'all again. Seems Yaoicon will be the next time since my boyfriend is coming to spend the two weeks with me. Maru better get her ass sorted there too. Al and Toasty are rooming as well...so should be 5 people. Really looking forward to that. Genesis cosplay will be completed and I get to see Gretchen again. Man..been so long.

So, on a last note. I left with the promise of wanting to return again. And no doubt, I will. Just will have to figure something around everyone's school and work schedules.

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Orgy get together [28 May 2008|09:38pm]
Ok, well currently at my boyfriend's place. Really flashy place really in Carmel. Nice area too. Got to hang out with Dem, Sai, Xally who is Al, but we renamed her Xally now since she really needed an Orgy name to fit with us all. XP Of course me Zexy and my boyfriend Roxas/Sora.

Been realy nice weather up here too when we hung out at the park. Tomorrow apparently going to hooters, or rather being dragged there o.o But anyways.. havin' lots of fun leading to my birthday, even though my boyfriend got me a present today, hes the biggest and best present I could ever ask for having this weekend. <3<3
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Yah I live. [26 May 2008|09:07pm]
Been a while since I posted to you folks, and after someone pushing me to make an entry, I'm doing so.

Been a fast year so far since last I replied here. Though, I guess most wouldn't know I'm in the US again on break, went to another anime convention last weekend for Anime Central. Though a few things happened there that were crap. (Like the 10 hourlon wait in the registration line after somebody hacked the system) >.> Eh, I had an overall good time.

Some drama did happen, and shite but..most of you already know the while story and ain't gonna go into it.

Som good things did turn out of it though. And I now have a significant other, which shocked a few people... but yes, I have a lover now, and we both love each other quite deeply, having shared an affectionate moment on saturday. -Cough.- And for the record, I was on top. So, I'm not as uke as some people think they know me.

So, yes. I'm very happy right now. Just spent the day out for Maru's birthday, went up to wolf park to see the wolves on saturday past that was really awesome! I have some wolf furr too, its soooo soft. And going to see my other half on wednesday to spend a few days before my birthday on saturday. Meh..its been a tiring week. But enjoying my time here. I might even extend my stay depending on the airline and my old man. So yeah.. things are looking up and if anything, my friends are awesome people, love you guys so much.
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Heero has a brand name now. [19 Jan 2008|03:20pm]
Completely out of context post here, bu eh...I'm feeling a bit wierd. And been meaning to show this for a while since I took pictures.

Its official now that Heero, is a brand name of dress shirt now. XP


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OhayoCon write up [12 Jan 2008|09:48pm]
Okay. So after 170 miles of nothing but endless corn fields and Maccy D's while tailing an egg truck I distinctively remember. We finally hit Columbus Ohio. Nice city and all...but all the roads are one way. So, if you take a wrong turn, you are screwed. Lucky it only happened once getting to the hotel.

After finding which way to park infront of the hotel, Kaji drops me off and all our stuff so she can park in the convention center car park while I check us in. Nice hotel actually from the outside, and I love the lobby as they have some lovely windows in the ceiling so you can look straight up at the towering top.

However, once you go up the gold Shin-Ra elevators. And see the room corridors is when the place looks tacky. The carpets are old and worn...and the rooms are small as hell. Beds are tiny. Which makes sharing difficult when your a light sleeper. >.>

We dumped our crap off and went out to meet Kaji's friend after that. Though soon as we got to the parking garage exit...Kaji's can't find her parking ticket she got. So the girl at the counter told us to go all the way back to our room to look. But still, we couldn't find that damn ticket. So we both go to the hotel desk and ask if he'd confirm for us what time we arrived and stuff if the parking garage called them. Trailing all the way back to the garage exit again...that girl wouldn't even fuckin' ring the hotel desk to confirm our story was true. Mumbling some crap...I couldn't make a lot of it out because she was using a accent, native american or something. After several minutes of debating she finally gave us a ticket and let us out an hour late to meet up with Kaji's friend Katie from highschool at the bookstore.

Pretty much we went and ate at Steak N'Shake. Even though I don't usually eat burgers, they were okay. I love vanhilla milkshakes though. e.e After that we went to get some rubber tubing for Kaj's buster sword hilt. And I think she brought some more spray paint which we took to Kati'e apartment to spray the buster sword. God that stuff stank... Had to stay indoors with all the kitties. Especially the baby kitty was cute. One actually fell asleep on my lap while I was there. -Chuckle.- So we ended up talking and stuff for several hours about random things before we left late at night. It was bitter cold too outside and snowing a little I was damn frozen. We got kinda lost trying to find out way out since the snow had covered the road in the complex. We crashed soon as we hit back and left the sprayed buster sword down in the car because it still stunk of paint.

Thursday Kaji pretty much was working on her Zack wig all day. Till both Abra and Cloudy showed up, our other two roomies. Then we constantly got caught up in conversations which distracted Kaji a lot from getting the wig done. We ordered pizza later on and pretty much walked around the hotel once Kadaj arrived as well just to watch things being set up ready for the next day. That place is really huge with the convention center linked up.

Friday morning. I made sure to wake up early, and it was literally. I was up at 6am and showered just as Cloudy and Abra did after me while waiting for Kaji to wake up last as always I just stared outside at the neighbouring buildings all pretty lit up.
We went down for breakfast before getting into costume...which takes Kaji forever since she has to bind herself in the nasty stuff. <.<
Sooo after getting into my AC Cloud stuff we all went down as a group to line up for registration. Me and Cloudy were the only ones that pre-reg'd so our group got split up in the masssive line we were waiting in for about a good hour, Eurobeat King from cosplay.com pulled me out of the line to snap pics of me while I was waiting.. Funny enough we all got into the room at the same time. Though they'd lost my registration details because of a problem they had with their online store and such had lost many peoples information.
Leaving with our newly shiny badges we went to retrieve our swords from our room. The con schedule was messed up and infact there wasn't even a schedule till like saturday officially. So we didn't know half of the events going off. other than the dealer room opening on friday! Which was awesome. We got to the front of the line and were the first ones in with this guy with a sign next to us. Instantly we just looked from store to store for FF goodies. And yes, I spotted the Trading Art FF7 potions. Between me and Kaji we purchased an entire box of 8 of them. They had the regular canned ones and the 10th aniversary potion too. Which Kaji got an opened copy for 40 bucks later just so we could taste Sephiroth flavor.

Abra kept leaving us at some points in the day which ended up causing some drama in our group. Because I was constantly being torn between hanging out with all of my friends as much as I could, as well going to the panels I wanted to see or someone texting me constantly to be with just her. Which I found kinda selfish. Because I went to see not just one person. But everyone...so it did stir me inside a little that day being called rude and crap because I wasn't doing what someone wanted me to do. Eh... I care too much maybe. Anyhow. We missed the supposedly FF photoshoot on friday at 3pm apparently... because we were told to be in different places. That kinda made me feel a bit emo at first. But the Yaoi panel later on that day was amusing. Talking about how a few things people don't include in the Yaoi verse. I have to agree, not many people use condoms in Yaoi fiction or roleplays. Infact I've rarely seen it included. Though lube is mostly there. The joke about self-lubricating males was amusing. I think that panel is actually on youtube, or at least parts of it are.

Saturday, the main big day was probably the best day. Apart from starting shitty cause I had a random nose bleed after showering. >.> Seeing all that porn. We had breakfast first thing as usual then got into cosplay, though I started with Rufus in the morning. Got some photos taken by more people. Before changing back into Cloud for the FF photoshoot I was determined not to miss. Quite a lot of us gathered there actually. And we did a lot of group shots, then by Number of game. Is it any surprise FF7 had the most cosplayers? No. Of course not. XP
The fun didn't begin till after the photoshoot. When all the Yaoi started to happen. -Grin.- There was a lot of CloudxCloud, CloudxVincent, VincentxYazoo, CloudxYazoo, CloudxZack, ZackxCloud. Yeah..Lots of it. I'll show pictures once everyone has put up theirs and I compile them together so its all in one place for viewing. Not having to put up a million links for odd photos. Most of them are by Kaji and Cloudy on her phone so... just waiting for if anyone else has more and the major photographers there.
Pretty much after the shoot we just hung out and let people take pictures of us...everyone kept coming after my Cloud. They really liked my swords. Kept wanting to hold it. >.>
We had to line outside for the cosplay competition around 6ish. It was a long line too. A lot of waiting and in which Abra left us again and then when we got inside and were watching peoples skits wanted me to just leave inbetween to go back to my room to talk. x.x Meh. I kinda felt sad too cause after finding out there was a craftsmanship walk one, I wanted to do it. Now gotta wait till next time. After that we just went to the two Yaoi panels which ran till 3am in the morning. Most of that was talking about Gundam Wing, how it got mostly everyone into Yaoi, apart from me that is...FF7 turned me completely. Cloud and Zack pictures I believe i found online from a Yaoi artist. Cloudy, Kaji and me went to the dance for about an hour afterward getting some glow sticks which they hung onto my Cloudy wolf armour...-Snort.- Though I couldn't dance much in that outfit. Added the fact my feet ached from walking around all day. I crashed with Ally, one of my friends from Yaoicon 06, who was security at Ohayocon too. And pretty much stayed awake all night playing with Corn Candy. which everyone ate an entire bag of o.o.

Sunday morning at around 7am I got up and went for breakfast at Riku's hotel with Kadaj and Kaji. Since it was free there and we kinda snuck inside...had a really good laugh to a point we were too rowdy when Kadaj kept spilling her chocolate milk on the table and the staff came over and told us to keep it down or we wouldn't be allowed back at this hotel again. Suckers. We weren't even guests there. XP
Even though I was tired as hell I managed to stay awake for most of the day through the last hours of the con. Got some Yaoi art comissioned by one of the artists there. Mmhn...CloudxRufus. I like my Cloud seme. And hes giving Rufus tongue too in colour. Very hot!
I also got some AC Cloud pictures alone. Because I like to see more decent AC Cloud artwork. My favourite Cloud outfit. There wasn't much to buy in the dealers room. So..I had to spend it somewhere. I only got the potions and a Last Order wallscroll. Most of it was retro games, real swords and guns. They had a Master Arts Cloud, but already got a US one. And it was 450 bucks. I got mine for under that here. Don't think that even sold.
We wandered abck to the dealers room after everyone had apcked up after closing ceremonies and gone. God...it was so bare and empty. Kinda lonely too because a lot of people ahd left by then. But we had some after fun back in Jill's room. -Chuckle.- The youtube link will be below for if anyone wants to see our ending madness.
I rpetty much stayed in Jill's room for most of the night. Abra and Cloudy had already left. So it was just us remnants remaining. I stayed up talking to Al and Jill till about 4 am till I clocked back to my room for sleep. Waking up at 10am to pack up and be gone for 12.

Yes, its always sad when you have to leave a con you have so much fun at...I;m still feeling emo about it now. A week ago it was in full swing. Just sitting there those last few minutes eating in the food court before leaving Ohio yeah... I remember them well. To 170 miles driving back. Even if we stopped at Kaji's hometown of centerville. I was feeling down. 5 months till ACen. And 9 months till Yaoicon 08. Even if I ahve to work on Genesis cosplay before then. Meh... added with the fact I got a lot of drama when I got home to a point it hurt inside. Didn't help my mood. But, I did have a good time. More than I thought I would. Which does leave a good memory.

Glomping me by random fangirl.

Kadajs speech. She almost fell over the table she was stood on XP.

Ohayocon music video of our FF stuff.

Another Ohayocon music video...and...Yaoi at the end? ^^

What happens at the end of a con.

Well there you go, enjoy and photos will come soon. As I bug my friends about them.

And a piece of advice. Never barrel roll at a convention with something fragile or glass in your pocket. You might just get sent to hospital. As one guy at Ohayocon found out when he forgot he had a glass bottle in his pant pocket. Retard.
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Yaaaay I'm back an' stuff. Post con emo. [12 Jan 2008|05:49pm]
Okay...I just got back yesterday...though mostly crashed for like 9 or 10 hours soon as I came back. It was a long day of traveling mostly due to my returning flight from Chicago being delayed because of stupid people not getting to the gate on time. And one person not even bothering to turn up...so I ahd to wait about an hour and half for them to find this person's luggage and take it off the plane before the plane could leave. Doesn't end there either. Since I had to then wait for my plane to taxi all the way from the hanger to my gate, then stock up on food and luggage before we could board. Aren't airports lovely places? All the while I was falling off my coffee hype which leaves my eyes like...blargh... I wanna nice comfy bed to sleep in.

Anyhow. I did have a lovely time over there. Probably too much fun. I really didn't wanna leave, my time seemed to go so fast once the con hit. And so many things to talk about, but I doubt I'll remember everything since there was so much we did.

From day one traveling over to the US. Soon as I got to Manchester airport the place for some reason was flooded with people more than usual. So I was in the line for the British Airways desk (People I always fly with now) to get my bags off me soon as possible. Soon as I got to the desk about 30 minutes later...the lady took my passport and details and suddenly says I'm in the wrong line and should be in the next one with American Airlines. I'm like...WTF? I never booked with AA.. SO i got into a dispute there and apparently BA have merged with AA and other major airlines into some global alliance and share some air routes or some BS I didn't understand. Ao...I had to join another big line at the end and drag my stuff over and wait yet another 30 minutes. Now...I only had like an hour before my flight would leave so I was getting a little bit concerned considering I saw how long the line to get through security was about half a mile long.

When I finally got to the AA desk...I dumped my bags off and oh...you can ONLY take ONE piece of hand luggage onto the plane with you. No matter what from ALL UK airports now. So...I had to dump my laptop case in with my main stuff. And guess what...since you got three bags I gotta pay 120 dollars (60 pounds) for just that small bag!!! Assholes. But no...I was like keep calm...I'm on holiday now. -Grumbleassholeairline- They told me I had to take my laptop case over the otherside where the security checkpoint was since it was a small bag. The lady just pointed in that direction sooo I trotted over there thinking an hour was plenty of time to get through now and no waiting once there. So, I got in the ass long line...soon as I get half way a guy stops me and says.

"You can't carry two piece of hand luggage on."
"But I was TOLD to come over here and drop it off before passing through."
"Sorry, you are supposed to drop it off at that place there..-Points over to a tiny little counter hidden behind a big ass sign that nobody could possibly see.-"
"Ohhh....riiiight..-Cursesinsidehead I just lined up for fuckin' nothing!.-"

I exit out of the line and get into ANOTHER line to drop my laptop case off, which was another 20 minutes waiting and now I really was getting concerned for time. I dumped it off finally to join the big ass line again. Since I only had line 30 minutes left...I asked one of the staff if I could get through the fast lane, but she said I had plenty of time. But the thing is...by the time I had gotten half way through the current line it was like 10 minutes to boarding. And she comes out and askes anyone going to chicago come to the fast lane now. -Facepalmbangingheadtoadesk.- I swear...people loved wasting my time that day going back and forth.

I finally got on the plane anyhow just on time, and the guys ask me all the security questions before I got onboard if anyone had packed my hand luggage for me inbetween yada... WHATEVER! Let me on the god damn plaaaane! Even though, the plane was awful...American airlines suck ass. No onboard entertainment screens and the chairs gave my neck cramp seriously. Outdated pieces of junk. Why do you think I always book for my own airline people? If I wanted a shabby airline I'd book for one... but noooo. Geez. I would call Expedia and make a complaint...but I'm still tired and everytihng feels wierd still.

When I arrived in Chicago it was all snowy and white when decending. Kinda nice since I hadn't seen snow for christmas. I had a long walk to customs...and despite my earlier mishaps back in Manchester, the customs line was straight through. Hardly anyone there. And the guy who took my papers didn't even ask me diddly squat. Just told me to put my fingers on the scanner and -Stampstamp.- Next please! Like...wow...What happened to the spanish inquistion treatment, guys? Not that I'm complaining, it was nice to be treated like a traveler for once.

The only anal thing was I had to collect my luggage and put it onto the next connecting flight to Indiana before going to my gate. But eh, everything went well from there. Touched down in Indiana around 5:30pm and went to collect my bags. -Chuckle.- Somehow managed to miss the person waiting for me in the food courts and slip past like a ninja unnoticed to the baggage collection point. Was waiting there a good while before the bags came off, at that point Kaji called me asking where I was, had actually missed a few calls cause I couldn't hear it with all the people crowding around the noisy lugguage belt. I heard someone call my name just as I saw my bags come off the belt, was a struggle to reach for them since there was like three planes worth of bags all going around the same belt. Stupid system having hundred people all shoving past and trying to grab bags. Grabbed my crap anyway and we left back for her place to dump my crap off before we went to grab food at a Chinese buffet place. I was really hungry by then. Nice place too. thats when I exchanged pictures of me stripping my MA Cloud statue on my phone. XP I think we went and crashed back at her place after that...can't remember.

On Sunday I know we were up around 10ish to get breakfast and check out the local store for Squareenix stuff and get myself some Rufus gloves for my cosplay at the sporting store. Managed to purchase a Reno and Kadaj Playarts from the store. Though I still despise the American tax system of not including a total price on the items before going to checkout.
Picked up some decent gloves for Rufus and...think we chilled at Jill's place for most of the day getting spazzed at by their German Sheppard dog trying to get at my crotch and slober over me was...eww...nuuuuu stay away! She has four cats too...which is kinda amusing cause the dog always tries to get at them resulting in a lot of hissing and fun.

New year's eve I think we went out looking for Wig caps for Kaji and she replaced a remote small helicopter thing she got. We chilled at one of the Starbucks which had a cool looking dome to it. We called it the Starbucks dome now. Even though there was nothing really special once inside when you look up. One of her friend's called Katie called and Kaji talked to her a while since we were gonna meet her while down in Ohio before the convention started.
Went over to Jill's again afterward and chilled there for most of the evening when her mom came over with a brand new Wii. Watching Jill playing Harry Potter was amusing...and got into a few bad jokes on the waving of the wand stuff and controller. -Cough.- I remember watching the new year's countdown on the TV but nothing special happened in Fisher's neighbourhood. Odd firework I think I heard go off. Kinda feels wierd that its 2008.

On New years day we all went down to the Asian Mart to pick up stuff. Jill purchased an entire box of Gay Heero's. I kid you not, these fruit drinks have Heero's face on them giving the thumbs up. And you have to suck them...very interesting. We got a bunch of drinks and asian candy too tot ake down to the convention with us, probably still too much since we had tons of it left over. We crashed early that night too since I wanted to be up around around 9am for the roadtrip down to Columbus Ohio. And in which, if I didn't get up and wake Kaji up every morning we would've never set off. Since there was a problem with getting air for the tires which delayed us about an hour before we packed all out crap inside and our swords before we set off on our 170 mile road trip while listening to the Crisis Core soundtrack. And watching all the corn fields, a single house and a golf course a long the way....Oh! And the millions of Maccy D's. -Chuckles.-

Well I'll finish the rest of the write up about the convention and other things to add later. I'm in need of food. <3
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Leaving for a while. [28 Dec 2007|06:54pm]
Time has come already to pack things up and leave for another convention. Though the packing part hasn't started much than I probably should've done by now...but eh...I'm slow at it. Adding to the fact I've been majorly distracted molesting my new Cloud MasterPieces Arts. God that statue is godly. Its so big too and ful of detail. For a while I was just fondling the clothing haha... firstly thing that caught my eye was the zipper. -Perverted mind.- So I entertained myself playing with it. Yes, Cloud has Abs underneath. They detailed even that for the female fans. I'll probably stick up the photos from my phone when I get back so you can all see. XPP

Just wanting to wish everyone a happy new year while I'm away an' stuff..Probably will be meeting a few of you I know here while I'm over there for Ohayo Con.

Anyways, take care and see y'all in a couple weeks. <3 -Resumes packing.-
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Merry X-Mas [25 Dec 2007|11:36pm]
Just wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas an' all before I forget, in whatever you are doing over the festive period in your holidays.

Just no overly drinking and getting boozed up and put into ER. x.x

But! Have fun and be safe! <3 all
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Long overdue [16 Dec 2007|10:19pm]
First off...just wanna apologize for the long absence...been kinda busy here and there, stuff going on as some of you might know. But I'm still here in the most part. Christmas is only like a weeka way and I still have to do stuff before then. Tomorrow getting my hair done again...though still unsure whether or not to go platinum blonde again or have it coloured with golden blonde for my Rufus look. Just kinda made me have a little change mainly because in some pictures it looks kinda white than blonde.

Other than that...I got a funny email the other day this week from an American media group reporter, asking me if I'd like to take part in a profile on TV for someone who has a huge Final Fantasy collection. That they'd want to come over to my house for an interview and take pictures. Though sadly enough, I'm a bit far away from LA for them to drop over I had to tell them. -Chuckles.- But would've been nice. Sent some pictures though to them.

Other than that. I've been mostly playing Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings on the DS in my little spare time very late at night in bed. That game kinda drew me in. I actually thought I'd hate it 10 months ago. But I am obsessed with completing the next chapter after the next.. its got a kinda nice story actually. And a unique system of play despite some of the later missions are taxing to make you use tactics and certain Espers to counter or heal others. So, it does require some matter of strategy, and not just rushing into combat thoughtlessly. Though part I do love is they finally added the original summons in as well as the newer Espers. So Leviathan is back as well as Bahamut and Odin ect. I do find the winged Aegyl, Lluyd, is a rip off from Legend of Dragoon's badass Wingly, Lloyd. XP.
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Christmas can wait... [15 Nov 2007|09:43pm]
Okay, I just looked at the calendar and it says the 15th of November... 15th of November! Has it already been over two weeks since I came back from San Francisco already? Holy crap.. and I haven't done much but been sick and getting a new moniter for the comp while catching up with work.

6 weeks till christmas...I'm dreading the feeling already. Its almost been a year since well...yeah...going down to the hospital every day since Grampa died. Trying not to be emo like everyone else has been here but yeah... trying to keep busy.

Trying to make plans to go to Ohayo con, just I need to arrange so much shit, and get stuff shipped back from San Francisco including my swords. So I can cosplay in Ohio... still need to book a flight and get more dollars. Get travel insurance again,sort out con membership for the weekend and probably get my hair done again before I go over. blah... all that and christmas gifts to top it off. My poor credit card. -Pets.-

I'm still waiting for Yahriel to post her pictures up...so don't ask for for shots yet, I think I'm still waiting for those and some from darksquall from Gnome of us in our room. So yeah, hurry up with that. x.x

Been thinking about new cosplays for next year. Still a little undecided on what I shall be doing. But I really want to do Genesis from Crisis Core. though little concerned, mostly about the soldier harness. Both him and Seph have a special larger version than everyone else. I'm not sure how it connects at the back either, whether just the two straps cris-cross over the shoulders then just hook onto the belt. You don't see Seph or Genesis without their coats...well Seph removed his belt harness in the game at the end. Never enough images or artworks of Gene. Praying that the CC ultimania has some I can use! >.> I was also thinking of doing AC version Rufus. Since I really enjoyed the game version. And the clothes are easy wearing. I also have a Jenova box I didn't bring to Yaoicon. Maybe next year?

Also, got some images of my Cloud in its finished stages of development. Links below.

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People seriously need to get their dates straight. [10 Nov 2007|11:01pm]
Okay...I'm just about tired of people setting off fireworks now. Guyfawkes night officially ended like almost a week ago now and people are still setting them off like its a damn new years day celebration bash! Or 4th of July as Americans would set off an assload of fireworks. >.> -Throws calendar at stupid people.-

Normally I wouldn't mind if they were so far away...but some asshole decided it would be fun to set a rocket off close to my house and window that it made me jump out of my seat thinking what the fuck was going off.. Not to mention it upsets my dogs who are getting old now. I felt like shooting the asshole with an air rifle. -Sigh.- People seriously need hobbies man.

Other than that...I think I'm finally well...ish. I still feel tired for some reason late at night. Not sure why that is. I just feel exausted by the time it reached 9 or 10pm, maybe I'm still jetlagged, or because I'm recovering from being sick. The early dark nights don't help much. Blah, being sick wasn't fun at all...and I NEVER get sick normally. I still find that peculiar...maybe just some California flu or some crap passing around.

And in other news...I finally finished Crisis Core not long ago. Though the ending was very sad indeed, and I probably can't ever play FF7 again without knowing the sad trajedy that occured before its beginning. It makes me feel even more for Cloud now, poor little emo boy. And I can imagine the millions of fangirls crying after watching Zack die...oops...spoiler? -Laughs.- Seriously, I think thats the worst spoiler ever. Beecause we already know the outcome of the game before we even played it. But eh... I admit I didn't cry. But I was very emotionally filled for pity for Cloud. And understanding why hes so...yeah by the time of AC. The poor guy has been through so much shit, give him a break.

There is a little interlude that links Cloud's arrive on the train mission starting FF7. Not sure if they put that there just to tie the games up together, OR if they really will do a remake like a lot of people have been wanting. Though there is a part of the fandom that don't want the original game to be touched... because as you know Square Enix now, they LOVE to change things. I swear they've created several time paradoxes in FF7's timeline now, especially how Nibelheim incident turned out. -Eye roll.-

On a lighter note... has anyone tried the regular canned FF7 potions yet? I insist you try getting hold of one before they become hard to get hold of other than auctions.
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Cloud loses Fenrir. [04 Nov 2007|02:44am]
Just had to post this up. It was made by a friend of mine. Enjoy. XP

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Random RP Log. [04 Nov 2007|02:32am]
DarkAngelYahriel: hey Cloud. Rufus says hi. (get back to work!)
We're at Panera Bread.
clozackpassion: @-@ uhm, I say hi too? (work? What's that?) D: Mmm...Panera...
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: get back to guard duty, then.
clozackpassion: ;3; Do I hafta? :pouts:
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: yes. Or you get a pay cut.
clozackpassion: Harsh. =\
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: Dun worry. I still love ya.
clozackpassion: Cloud: Good. :crosses arms: Talk some sense into the meanie.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: >_> He's kindda my/our superior. Maybe next time Reno and I go out, we'll drag this guy along. Prez needs to loosen up.
clozackpassion: Cloud: Yeah, but I thought everyone likes you! D: What are you proposing? Going out with you and Reno... I guess getting him trashed would work, huh?
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: Everyone is supposed to like me. Some people just need a little help from some rather strong drinks. =3
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: (btw, don't drink the stuff in the fridge. Reno left that there like a week ago.)
clozackpassion: Cloud: Yeah...well.... I guess even if they're loaded, it still counts as liking you. *blinks* That's kinda nasty. Maybe if you were home a little more often I wouldn't have to worry about those things.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: see? I'm right! =D
Nah, I just mean don't touch it. The alcohol content could probably kill a normal person.
clozackpassion: Cloud: Hahaha. I'm afraid to touch -anything- in your fridge... :cowers: Your 'friend' is mean! Is being a jerk the way to move up around here or what?
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: He's part of the Shinra Dyntasy, remember?
If being a jerk is the only way to move up, then I'd NEVER have made First Class.
clozackpassion: Cloud: Yeah. Of course. :laughs: Guess you got a point there. You probably just charmed your way to the top anyways. :winks:
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *Crosses arms* Are you implying that I slept my way up?
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: 'cuz I only slept with Sephiroth.
clozackpassion: Cloud: *falls over* That's really probably all it takes.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: =( We had an actual relationship.... until I found out he was still missing Genesis
clozackpassion: Cloud: I'm sorry. :looks down: But hey... uh... I'm sure there's other fishies in the sea, right?
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: Aw, com'on. I'm with you, ain't I?
clozackpassion: Cloud: I hope so. *laughs* Of course, your pal seems ready to kill me for being such a slacker, so you might hafta look elsewhere here soon.
DarkAngelYahriel: *poke*
clozackpassion: @o@ eh?
DarkAngelYahriel: *shrugs*
clozackpassion: Oh. Okay. *pokes back*
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Get back to work you lazy Chocobo!
clozackpassion: Cloud: Cut that out. My shift ended twenty minutes ago! D:
DarkAngelYahriel: (Feeds Greens)
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: -_-;
clozackpassion: Cloud: Kweh?
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: (Rides the Emo Chocobo)
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: o_O Hey! That's MY ride!
DarkAngelYahriel: (I'll brb. anything typed after this is Rufus being a dork)
clozackpassion: Cloud: @_@ AHM SO CONFUSED!
clozackpassion: Also yey dork
DarkAngelYahriel: As a typical CLoud always is.
clozackpassion: Not always.
DarkAngelYahriel: You don't know the term riding in butt sex yet Cloud?
DarkAngelYahriel: Maybe its best Zack left you in the dark.
clozackpassion: D:
DarkAngelYahriel: (Randomly grinds the blonde chocobo from behind)
clozackpassion: All I meant is... AHH! @_@ Hey!!
DarkAngelYahriel: Maybe that was the fastest move you made all day. (Smirk.)
DarkAngelYahriel: Cloud is so easily raped by everyone.
clozackpassion: What do you expect!? You're all up in my... areas taking advantage and.... :whimper:
DarkAngelYahriel: Maybe even Aerith would seme you.
clozackpassion: What!? She doesn't even have a penis!
DarkAngelYahriel: Your ass is so tight, what did you expect/
clozackpassion: Ah! It won't be for long if you people don't stop VIOLATING it!
DarkAngelYahriel: *returns* HOLY CRAP. I leave and you get raped?!
clozackpassion: I DIDN'T MEAN TO!
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *to Rufus* STOP RAPING MY FRIENDS.
clozackpassion: Cloud: Yeah! Stop raping me!
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: But he was a good rape.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *whaps Rufus*
clozackpassion: ;3;
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: He even Kweh'd
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: oi. I can wark.
clozackpassion: ...I always kweh when I get food....
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: (that doesn't even need a reply X3)
clozackpassion: X_X
clozackpassion: Yeah, sometimes I think I should think before I speak.
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Does that mean you are saying you like to suck a lot Cloud/
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *?
clozackpassion: D: Zack, are all your friends so creepy?
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: ......probably.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: there's... Sephiroth. Rufus... Kansel that creepy guy who phonesexstalks me
clozackpassion: ...
clozackpassion: And I'm the rapable one!? D:
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: we..... Kansel's..... Kansel.
clozackpassion: Regardless of who's what, I think I'm afraid of your pals.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: =(
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Of course you're supposed to be afraid of the boss. FEAR ME!
DarkAngelYahriel: (we have video to prove it)
clozackpassion: I fear you with every fiber of my being...and... uhm.... should I feel awkward by that statement?
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Yes. XP
DarkAngelYahriel: It will be on YouTube at some point.
clozackpassion: ...I'm already trembling.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *hugs gently*
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: (Gropes harshly.)
clozackpassion: *Clings to Zack* D: Save me!
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: B....b.....but hes sooooo cute! And fluffy!
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *thinks for a moment* There is only one way to resolve this.
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Threesome?

clozackpassion: ...
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *at the same time* THREESOME!!
clozackpassion: ...
DarkAngelYahriel: (I can feel the trauma from here)
clozackpassion: :lip tremble:
clozackpassion: ...Zack..... I thought.... you were gonna protect me! Not make it worse!! :hides in a corner:
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *whispers through clenched teeth* he's the one who pays us.
clozackpassion: You could've tried acting that way BEFORE you yelled 'threesome'!
clozackpassion: Maybe then I would've believed you...
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: C'mon Cloud. Don't be all emo now...
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: First you claim my chocobo, now you're stealing my lines!
clozackpassion: ...I'm really not emo...
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *huggles*
clozackpassion: Maybe I just don't like strange people sticking things who knows where. :clings to Zack:
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Just one question Cloud...How DID you manage to getyourhairlike that eery morning?
DarkAngelYahriel: every*
DarkAngelYahriel: + spacebar x 3
clozackpassion: I don't know where this is going, but I'm sure it's not going to end well.
DarkAngelYahriel: Does it happen when you reach yourlimit break.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *ROFL*
clozackpassion: :facepalm:
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: "POWER SURGE!"
clozackpassion: YOURENOTHELPING
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: =x
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Or do you just get eletricuted trying to get toast out the toaster?
clozackpassion: you know, Zack...sometimes I think that maybe you just like making me feel uncomfortable.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: I like making you uncomfortable in the good way. In your pants.
clozackpassion: X_X
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Cloud wears pants?I thought he wore a skirt?
clozackpassion: Zack! What have you been telling him!?!?
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: ok, I can answer that one. IT'S A LONG SHIRT.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: I didn't tell him anything!!!!!
clozackpassion: D:
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: What about the thong...
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: O_O
clozackpassion: ....
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: Wallmarket ring a bell/
clozackpassion: Hush.
clozackpassion: They were bikini briefs, and they were a gift from a friend. ;p
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: From a gay friend in a hottub in a gay bar hotel about twice your age?
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: wait, how do you know about that guy, Rufus?
clozackpassion: That's really none of your concern.
DarkAngelYahriel: What do youthink you have the Turks for/
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: 'ho sh~iiit
DarkAngelYahriel: Everything in Midgar is MY business! Including your sex scenes
clozackpassion: D:
clozackpassion: But...but...but...
DarkAngelYahriel: (Ceiling!Rufus is watching you masturbate)
clozackpassion: OMG
clozackpassion: Rather...
DarkAngelYahriel: I have cameras everywhere
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: do you have one up your ass?
DarkAngelYahriel: Nah, thats private.
clozackpassion: O_O
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: figured.
DarkAngelYahriel: You don't have clearance to see my ass yet.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: Seph can get me clearance. XP With Masamune.
DarkAngelYahriel: If he has the right card key.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: Sephiroth's key might fit your lock.
IF your head wasn't already stuck up there.
DarkAngelYahriel: But its soooo good up there.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: Isn't the view shitty?
DarkAngelYahriel: Nah its the promised land.
DarkAngelYahriel: Sephiroth: The Promised Land is in Rufus Shinra's ass? I must go there with Mother!
DarkAngelYahriel: Sorry...shes already in a box under my pants.
DarkAngelYahriel: Seph: I see no problem with this.
clozackpassion: I'm so confused.
clozackpassion: Oh well.
clozackpassion: That seems to be normal for me. x-x
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *pats*
clozackpassion: I blame the fact that this room is somewhere around 1450000 degrees. And not even F. C. 'cause that's hotter.
clozackpassion: I tink.
clozackpassion: *think
clozackpassion: Garegopjreajopgrejoprgeojgrejogrjogrepjoregapjo
clozackpassion: my brain 'sploded too.
DarkAngelYahriel: Rufus: You are hot Cloud...want me to cool you down? (Grin)
clozackpassion: I'm gonna hafta assume that it'll end with some form of molestation, so no Thanks.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: *sneaks up behind Cloud with a bucket of icewater, makes a "shush" motion at Rufus*
DarkAngelYahriel: Of course...We love our Yaoi moments at Shin-Ra.
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: BLIZZAGA ATTACK! *dumps the water on Cloud*
clozackpassion: :girlscream:
clozackpassion: D'AHHHH
DarkAngelYahriel: I told you Cloud secretly was a girl in disguise.
clozackpassion: oh shut up. ;_;
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: oh trust me. I KNOW he's male. =3
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: ....
clozackpassion: X-X
clozackpassion: A very cold, wet male with very mean people who like to be every mean to him!
DarkAngelYahriel: Zack: Would you rather be a hot, wet male?
clozackpassion: Not with THAT creepy around.
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Con Report Conclusion [03 Nov 2007|11:47pm]
Sunday: Pretty much was the fastest day and the quietest. Infact by the time we got into cosplay some people were leaving the convention early in the morning or early afternoon, which was sad to see some people go. But...I got to kiss Ryuchi bye. I think thats going to be a yearly thing probably if he comes every year. I didn't get up till like 8am on Sunday...a little later than I wanted, mostly cause I didn't go to bed till like 5am. Those beds were comfy and you couldn't hear aircraft taking off this time so I could actually sleep!

Pretty much we spent most of the day hanging around the dealers rooms buying up everything that was left over or nice. I purchased one of the dealer's promotion posters and stand with it for $80. It had Cloud and Sephy on it with other FF characters so I just had to buy it. Also picked up a Cloud/Vincent fan, that was simply cute. Also picked up FF7 Reunion files for 35 bucks and a Cloud/Zack fan art. They had the 10th Aniversary potion with ultimania there, but it was like $100. (Cough Rip-Off) I got mine for 30 bucks from Japan. Its even cheaper on ebay. And it never did sell by the end of the con I don't think...so maybe there are smart people about.

Photo shooting pretty much was dead on Sunday, I don't think many people asked us for pictures on Saturday much either. All I remember was hanging about the lobby with Yahriel. Most people weren't even in costume on Sunday. Kadaj's group left sunday afternoon...but I got a few shots with Reno taking gil from my man-skirt Cloud wears with his teeth. XP Then getting a couple of shots with Moogleroth. He was a funny guy. Took a lot of guts walking around as a moogle Sephy.

Hmm...Picked up our little goodybag for running a panel at the convention. Nothing big, just a couple of books, bag of candy, poster, and some other stuff. Other than that we just went to the closing ceremonies. Almost got the special seats facing everyone, but got moved back again....wierd staff. Prayed to win something at the raffle. But didn't win a dime. -Le sigh.--.- We went into the hotel grill and ate evening meal with Reno and Zack after that and just chilled for a while there.

After that everything seemed rather bleak and dead as everyone went their own way and 2007 con was over. Heh, that was until me and Yahriel went outside into the courtyard and just hung there with our Reno talking with a Naruto cosplayer. Flicked on some music and then people started to appear out of nowhere. First this asian guy who wanted to be in the auction, then Aussie Tseng came down with her roomie after they saw us from the third level window and just charged down after I waved to them. -Chuckle.- Kallyway joined us shortly after that... though I don't think Lazard joined us, I think they went to bed early because they were leaving early Monday morning.

After it got to about 9pm it was getting chilly so we all went inside and out the opposite direction into the pool area. (Don't know whose idea it was to go into the pool, but it was fun.) So yeah, what a way to finish a con by having your own private pool party at the end! Though only me and Zack were only in cosplay at the time. We all just sat by the hot Mako spring. (I'm calling it a Mako spring now because the water was green and steaming just like a Mako pit.) The water really was boiling hot though that you had to get used to its heat for a while, but it was very relaxing especially with the moon out and the stars above you. The Asian guy actually stripped off almost everything off to get into the pool. He wasn't shy at all. -laugh.- Even when he got out he did get naked infront of us and showed his little ass off before wrapping a towel around his waist and toddling off in a funny run for the exit. Haha, even left his shoes there. lestat the bishie even came out to us, and we asked him to be Sephiroth, but he said he'd want a decent outfit and wig for it, but wants to do Sephy. Tseng and Reno even jumped in the cold pool...not sure how freezing cold that was but, yeah... mad two. I miss you nutcases. We took a few photos there before the guy came out and told us we had to leave at 11 since they apparently lock the pool up.

So, clearing and drying up we all then just hung in Aussie Tseng's room, where Kallyway had apparently put up Tansformer porn on their laptop from youtube when I walked in. x.x Infact, I just found the link to it, so I'm gonna scare you and put it up. XP


Stuff still breaks my brain.

Reno tried to write Hojo in their bathroom sink in the dark with the glowing liquid inside the glow sticks that had been cracked open. It was hard to take a picture of with a camera though cause the stuff faded so fast. Eh, we got kicked out the room soon after that, because they wanted to pack their crap up. But I got to pose their Sephy, Squall, and Sora action figures in invocative positions with their weapons. Score. There is a picture of it too.

After that the day was over, very sad. We went to bed and took Reno with us, since she couldn't contact her dad to pick her up at the hotel.

Monday: Yes, I'm including the last day or so too because they really meant a decent memory toward the convention to me. But I'm just going to skip straight to it. The moment I woke up though I felt groggy as hell...first sign I came down with something. I went downstairs to eat breakfast alone since everyone was still miles away in sleep. I was the last person in cosplay. Yes, I feel sooo proud. Shachou was the last one in the hotel. Pretty much hung out in the lobby on the couch with Tseng, Reno, Yahriel and Zalia I think her name is. Taking more random pictures...before the bubbles came out. Now... its surprising just how much fun you can have with bubbles when given to con goers. Shachou was just chilling out on the couch, blowing bubbles idly-like and a Reno was just popping them like a Duo would. It was amusing. Most of the con straglers left on Monday morning actually, just as we said goodbye to Tseng, we left to JapanTown to drop Reno off where she lived.

Its actually quite good I remembered some of the buildings where the BART train dropped us off in Powell. Finding the street the bus picks you up took a while but I remembered going up then left and lucky spotted the street sign and just followed it till we saw the right bus. Riding to Pagoda Square was nice, I do love that little shopping mall. Even though my Geostigma was getting worse now...I could feel it really kicking my ass. I felt weak, nauseous, tired and my nose was all blocked and had trouble concentrating. So we walked around a while, checked out bookstores for hopes of finding the CC ultimania, but no such luck. So wondered into toystores instead but nothing there either. So by that time I just wanted to get some food and green tea. So we wandered back to the restaurant I wanted to go to...but I thought I'd take the opposite way around that we'd come down before. Though Yahriel asked why I was heading down that way, I just thought it'd be nice to take the other way. Now I know why my senses told me to go that way,... Just as I was looking half dead..my eyes saw the sight of cans in a window, widening I saw pictures of FF characters on them, Cloud mostly stuck out to me. (Official Cloud fan <3) So yes, I just squeaked inside, I think it was Denzeru muse and just dashed into the store like a fanboy while leaving Yahriel and Reno wondering what the hell had sparked my interest. I pounced on the counter and demanded for as many Cloud potions I could. Picked up three of the FF7 version cans, two AC Clouds and a Sephiroth one. They didn't have Shachou & Turks or Genesis nor Zacks.

But! I was content...I got to taste a Cloud potion. They also had the limited Sephiroth flavored potions, like 10 of them of the shelves. But they were still $95. God people are exploiting that for dumbasses who are stupid enough to waste money when you can get it cheaper elsewhere. The regular canned ones are really fruity tasting though, I actually liked it, and kept the can to take home with me.

Though I still felt really sick once that fan moment came over me. The adreneline went down and just callapsed into a seat at the restaurant and ate with lots of hot green tea. I still felt dead though... We walked about some more and saw the katana store before I wanted Japanese ice cream. That was good stuff. I noticed a few wallscrolls hanging up inside a music store as I was sitting down, so I went and investigated that place and ended up purchasing a Vaan and Cloud Wallscroll. Yahriel came in afterward and she purchased the Crisis Core soundtrack along with a Sephy plush. I think pretty much after that we'd spent up..and it was getting dark so we said our farewells and goodbye to Reno before we headed back to the BART and to the hotel on the second to last shuttle ride. I think thats when things started to sink in everything was over for me. There wasn't all the noise anymore or lots of people around. It was REALLY quiet. Well, since it wasn't too late I thought I'd do a few photoshoots of our own outside in the courtyard. Since I didn't have many Shachou pictures, we did some at the end before calling it a night.

Tuesday: Got up a bit later than normal and ate before we had to pack out shit up. Had to be out of our rooms for 12noon, I asked if they would store our stuff, because I wanted for us to revisit Millbrae district (Where Yaoicon was formerly held around the Westin/Chlarion hotels. Plus it was ceremonial like last year we spent our last day there.) and get food at Panera bread while drinking Kaa-san apple like we did a year ago. They okay'd it and so we packed out shit together...actually got it all done in like 30 minutes or so. Rather fast considering the room was kinda messy that day. And we had a lot of stuff. But yeah...wheeling our things through the door was a sad thing. So much fun happened, and it was coming to an end.

Stuffed our stuff in the hotel storage and paid up the hotel charges. Funny enough...they hadn't charged us for using the internet for 4 days. Even though there were odd moments were we recieved net when we shouldn't had. It was fucked up. But hey, I wasn't going to say anything, free net, free money bitches. And so we went off to the airport to catch the BART to Millbrae. Quite short since its the first stop. Man, it felt like sooooo long ago since I'd seen that BART station, walking down the stairs once more. Hah, I actually got distracted that much we walked the wrong way heading to Panera bread, my directions were still off and my sickness still getting worse. We passed a dead rat a long the way...which didn't make me feel much better. But we managed to get directions from a local pharmacy store and put back on track.

Arrived there in no time after that, crashed in one of the seats, though it was quite busy being lunch hour. I ordered one of their toasted sandwiches and their gorgeous brownies...I <3 panera bread brownies. Also some Kaa-san to top things off. We ate and then tried to access the free wireless there. It was slow as hell to begin with because there was a few others with their laptops out as well. Cosplay.com website wouldn't load to begin with for some reason it was considered restrictive material or some crap. yahriel backdoored it though, but Eurobeat king had only put up a few of Friday's pictures. Last year he had all three days up by Tuesday. Guess he took more pictures this time around we figured.

By about 2pm a few cleared out the room so we moved over to one of the larger tables that had power supply.( Yes, I noticed the power point, Yahriel didn't even know there was one. -Chuckle.-) so she could charge the battery while we got on her AIM to talk with few of her friends. Ended up being a threeway Roleplay with her friend who roleplays a Cloud with Yahriel's Zack. I roleplayed as Shachou as basically we were teasing the hell out of cadet Cloud throughout it, it was highly entertaining. Infact, I'm going to post a log entry of it here so you can read what we got up to.

Pretty much that was it, we had to head back to the hotel around 4pm because I had to check at the airport by 5pmish. And still ahd to get a poster tube from the airport to send my wallscrolls back to me in. The guy at the post counter said they would be 5 dollars, then a girl comes and says they are 10 dollars. We're like..no, this guy said it was 5 dollars. Stupid people. Anyway he sold it to me for 5 bucks so..I'm happy. Picked up our stuff and lugguage then just chilled in the hotel lobby while waiting for the shuttle driver to get ready for the journey back on the hour.

It sucked leaving the hotel, I really did love it...despite it being in a terrible location. It was really lovely though. I shall miss the Marriot San Mateo. But yeah the rest was just waiting for my flight while chatting and having a coffee because I felt really shitty with cold and flu at that point. My flight home was really bad, I could feel the pressure piercing my ears when landing and taking off.

Well there you have a summary of everything. I can't believe I wrote so much. Just goes to show how much fun we had this year. And we did a lot more too. Until Yaoi con 2008 comes around.
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Con Report cont'ed [03 Nov 2007|02:25am]
Saturday: Pretty much was the same routine we had going. Getting up early at 7am to get ready and in costume straight after showering/breakfast which would take a good hour or two. Lucky I started out saturday morning as Rufus which was rather easy to put on in a few minutes.

I think we went over to meet up with Schala first thing again, so it was Shin-Ra exec's with Zack marching off to the dealer's rooms to try snag stuff early. Took a shot of Rufus back to Lazard in which I officially named that pairing Shin-Racest. If you know much about Lazard you'll get that most likely, if not, I don't want to spoil. The Dealers were already open by the time we arrived, and a lot of people crowded there as usual. Though the dealer's room was split into several smaller rooms this year. Like five or sixe I think including the fan ones. Either way we checked out the doujinshi one first, though I mostly picked up some lovely Cloud and Rufus items, artwork frames/books/pouch bags/couple of clip on badges and two doujinshi I liked. They didn't have any Cloud keyrings left though which was sad, but oh well.

I retired back to my room after getting the stuff I wanted because I needed some help resetting the leather sword pack back into place since it had come slightly out of place the day before from wearing it too long. Changed back into my Cloud outfit for the FF7 official Photoshoot which was SUPPOSED to had happened at 12pm. Me and Yahriel were the first FF people down there and Eurobeat (Who Yahriel calls Camera Ninja now) from cosplay.com wanted a few more pictures of me with First Tsurugi and the sword pack. So we did that while we were waiting for everyone to show up...and it was starting to get rather hot in that open courtyard with the sun on you, those SOLDIER shirts do get rather warm, even if they are sleeveless.

More random FF people started to show up eventually. A Vincent and Reeve uh...Seifer and Zell, I think a couple of Reno's showed up too. Yahriel went to check the lobby for others but not many actually showed up. Mostly there was a large group of people gathered there waiting for ticketing for the main events. Which kind of ruined the whole photoshooting scheduling being placed in the same area at the same time. >.> Not that its Duo Monkey's fault...I think nobody knew where ticketing was going to be held or what time till close to con date. But we did get a group photo taken of us all. Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz joined us later on, in which Kadaj got on Loz's back and we all sang the chocobo song, you might find that on Youtube sometime. Then another Reno tried to pay Sephiroth gil to go away in which Seph eventually had enough of gil being stuffed in his coat. -Snicker.-.

After that pretty much I had to take off my sword pack again...after wearing it for several hours again it really does weigh a lot more than what you'd expect, tugging on your shoulders and small of your back constantly. So we retired abck to my room again with Zack who helped me get my Sword pack off again while crouched against the bed again. Then Another group of Cosplayers joined us while I was pinned to the bed and having people take pictures of that scene. x.x Before finally having the weight unburdened from my back. Aussie tseng was cosplaying Leon at the time and we did a few bits of CloudxLeonxCloud since there was two Cloud's in the room including myself which was fun. I love that pairing from KH, even if Leon is too fucking doped up on happy pills in KH2!

Everyone pretty much went their seperate ways and me and Yahriel had to meet up with Schala in her room to discuss final changes to our panel intro video and talk. Few minor ajustments we went off to the panel room in connect 1 a little early. Snagged my Shinra flag I brought with me and all the FF reading material with ramanade supplies to drink. So, we pretty much sat outside waiting for the 3-4pm panel to finish while writing out own little name tags to be put on the front desk in shiny markers before the room cleared out and we occupied the place with Shinra stuff. We even had a crack joke to stick a sticker on the front of the door with the sign on the group room ($#&*% or something similiar, I forgot now) in the Honeybee Inn in wallmarket.

Panel started and kicked off the intro video from Lazard's laptop. (I want to get a copy of that so maybe I could show you guys what it was like. You'll laugh believe me.) Showed a few clips movies from Crisis Core, though it was difficult because we couldn't reveal spoilers much regarding what character relations are and such, since the game han't come out in the US yet, or people haven't played it much. So that limited us to the other installments for talking about. So we talked about everyones favourite pairings and our own...though somewhere along the line one of the fans offered us gummi bears and I was being fed them by Zack. XP A few people left half way inbetween because of the AMV contest happening around the same time as luck goes... but one of the things I remember is Yahriel saying something about her laptop (Called Sephiroth. Being bigger) and then Lazard replying that Kadaj (Her laptop name) is smaller, but has double penetration. Not sure what other crack sayings occured...I know there was a few, just my mind is still hazy right now. I think we had a lot to talk about...just our time went rather fast even if it was an hour. They booted us out at the last minute for the Stargate fans.

Gathering up all our gear to take back to the rooms. I think I dumped off my sword and changed into Rufus again for the cosplay competition/auction/dance, and all went down to the courtyard to line up and wait. Thats when we saw Moogleroth. Thats right...a guy dressed in a big white Sephiroth outfit with a red moogle ball dangling from his head, a single red wing and a massive long...uh..weapon. Not sure what it was, if it was a key or something. Took a picture of normal Seph and Moogle Seph together while waiting to let us into seating. Also this girl who had been stalking us for most of the con caught us again to sing the Cloud song. We bumped into her a lot of times...even AFTER the con. Hmm...what else, Oh! There was this Naruto character with tentacles (Don't ask me who since I never watched the show) Who was randomly sitting with people before trying to tentacle rape them. Reminded me too much of Jenova. -Shudder.-

Got lined into the ballroom rather quickly since we had early numbers. (Me, Zack and our Reno tag along buddy) So we got seats right at the front and watched all the crack videos they showed in wait for the cosplay to start. i think it started with a DMC skit, then some dancer girl, Judge Judy? Not sure on that one. Of course the regular Naruto group did another Naruto skit. Then we had Jenova's Witnesses involving a Seph and Kadaj. Probably might see all these on Youtube eventually if you're interested in viewing. Hmm, unsure what other major skits happened after those...I know there was hardly many skits at all this year compared to last.

Cleared the room after that ended, before entering again for the auction. Grabbed a hot-dog downstairs...though for some reason some girls wanted a picture of Shachou eating a hot-dog. Don't ask why... Rufus muse just says "No Comment there." So we all lined up again and entered for the auction. Grabbed the same seats as we had before and watched the lovely bishies. There was a dancing Seto Kaiba, couple of guys in animal clothing outfits, some japanese guy singing Kingdom Hearts theme. A guy with blue hair with a ton of bondage straps on his outfit. And thank god Strippiroth wasn't in this year's auction. Though the most memorable auction was for Lestat as regular Yaoicon goers would recognise him as. He did an awesome sword dueling scene in PotC style with a Norrington and pirate. But I couldn't believe he only went for $600! Last year he went for like $1500. Only guy who went for over a thousand this year was Forn, if thats how you pronounce his name. Still unsure on that.

That was pretty much it for the auction, left for downstairs in the lobby to have a few pics taken with Kadaj's group again. (Where I met another Turk Tseng who was wearing a Dress. She also had all the bruise marks and blood to look like the tortured Tseng from AC) Pretty much just the dance happened after that. We put a ton of glow sticks on our arms and stuff so they'd show in the darkness. They closed the dance early at like 2AM this time for some reason...

Returned back to the lobby after that and just chilled out with Kadaj's group playing a game called apples and something. Never heard of it before...but basically you had to pick a set of cards and you each took it in turn to draw a red card which had a word written on it. And basically you had to place a card from you hand which you though best described, or was the most stupidly amusing thing you could think in relation to the word on the card from your hand. Though yahriel pretty much left us to go to bed because she was tired. I was trying to keep awake myself and managed to keep awake till like 4:30am before I called it a night. Since I was going to get up again in 2 and half hours time.

But thats pretty much Saturday and holy crap...can't believe how much I've typed here haha! Though I'm getting tired now, and still got more to type! I'll finish the rest tomorrow for Sunday as its 4:30am as I am typing this very message now UK time.
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Con Report. [02 Nov 2007|03:20pm]
Alright, I think I can actually see better without a pounding headache causing me to be nauseous. Still feeling a little under the weather and dizzyness but eh...better than I was earlier.

So, not sure how to do this. Because I did arrive in San Francisco on Tuesday but mostly spent around the hotel and getting my cosplay props finished. So I'll skip straight to Thursday evening in which I came back to the hotel with all my gear and dumped it off into my room, the swords taking most of the space up mind you as you'll see how big they are when pictures are available for viewing. After that we pretty much chilled in Lazard's room. (Yes, we had a Lazard cosplayer in our group.) Schala-Kitty as most people would know her on LJ and ACF for big CC and FF7 ultimania translations. The only major Lazard fangirl currently I think who writes fic for the guy. I swear she does remind me of Allie cat though facial and hair wise. We all got together to mostly discuss how we were going to do our FF7 panel at the con since we did get a spot on the saturday. Woot!! Yay for spreading more FF7 around to more fans. So we sat and talked over that while Schalla showed us the demo animation we were going to show at the beginning of the panel, though we ended up changing a few things around several times before the day. After ordering pizza in from domino's we chilled in Kallyway's room with her Aussie Tseng and english roomies where I think I broke my brain when Kallyway show me some of her most...well..interesting fandoms. I don't think I can ever watch one of my old childhood favourite anime shows the Transformers in the same light again now. Transformer Yaoi is Scary. I even read one of her fics in which Mickey was being molested by Ansem and his assistants, ended up turning into a big BDSM thing. -Rubs forehead.- I think my brain just broke again thinking about it all. But thats pretty much it since we went to bed early most nights to wake up early next day.

Friday: Woke up around 6:30am my brain was active to go from the first day of the con. Got up and showered an' stuff, waking up Yahriel was usually my job to do since I knew she'd sleep all day if I didn't do it. I think we went down for breakfast around 7ish in the hotel grill. They did a really nice Buffet breakfast for $16, and after eating as much as you can eat your pretty good to go for the rest of the day. I love American for their pancakes and maple syrup I have to admit. Even if its not usually a breakfast item I'd normally eat, it tasted good.

Went back to my room before 8, so we could get ready, of course I was cosplaying Cloud the first day and most of the convention. Didn't take long to get into the gear since I was anxious to get out there and mix in. Yahriel took a while in the bathroom taping, glad I don't have to tape my breasts back, the whole experience looks painful. She actually cut herself shaving the arms...cause I saw blood just staining around the arm (Since you can see through SOLDIER sleeveless shirts.) Like holy shit, what did you do to your arm!? x.x She hadn't actually noticed till I told her. But it wasn't too serious so easily cleaned up.
Had to wait for her to finish before I needed help screwing my sword pack on (Yes, Cloud's sword pack screws on the belts) So I had to kneel down because I'm taller and bend over the bed while she screwed the thing on, funny thing was I'd left the hotel door off the latch and open the whole time I was in that posture while we were joking how awkward the position looked. After about 20 minutes it took to get it on..Yes, don't kill me for how sexual this is sounding. We went to the door and realized it had been left open the whole while we heard other fans and hotel guests walk past our door, which you just had to laugh about if someone had just peeked inside or room service and saw the scene..

After that we left to meet up with Schalla at her roomie to see if they were up and ready...which was far from the case. They were still eating breakfast in their rooms so we pretty much chilled in there, even though I couldn't sit down or..I couldn't sit down very well while I had a heavy ass leather shealth pack with five long ass swords sticking down my back. Yes, it was heavy as hell after wearing it for 3 or 4 hours, the straps began to constrict to my chest a little and made my back straight. So by the time those guys finally got ready and we headed down stairs for a while in costume I just had to take it off. So just Yahriel and I headed back to take it off before coming back with just the mainframe sword and hung about in the lobby of the hotel for registration. Since originally it was going to be at 1pm...the schedule was a bit messed up there.

Practically got into registration rather fast and just sat on the couches around the lobby looking over the con schedule while practically everyone was walking past wanting to take pictures of us. Its like...you start to read and you get asked for a piccy every minute we were sat there. Oh, and Lazard lost her earring while we were sat there...we pulled out the couch/tables and shit looking for that damn thing and couldn't find it. Turned out it fell into her jacket pocket I found out later on.
So Friday pretty much was idling and getting attacked by camera wielding fangirls wanting pictures every minute and place you went. I couldn't even take my Rufus coat from storage upstairs to my room without a girl asking for a picture of me as Cloud and then a group of them swamp around that being blinded by flashes. -Hides behind Fusion Sword.-

After that I'm not quite sure what happened on Friday afternoon. Nothing was really scheduled much the first day, we just hung about and had pictures taken till we went to the Bishie Cafe around 7pm...though that got severely delayed by two hours due to the director of the event getting hold up in SF traffic. So we hung about in the waiting area outside just talking till that started. While in line up there was this bishie dressed up as Pikachu with the ears hands and arms who kept walking past....oh and there was a RUDE on security this year. How fitting is that? Shame a Reno didn't join him. Shachou employeed Turks for Con security.

I think we got seated around about 9pm by this Asian Bishie I hadn't seen before at last year's Con. He was pretty cool, he knew FF7, which is what we mostly talked about and StarCraft somewhat...added he was trying to persuade me to enter the Bishie Bingo but I had to decline that offer. As much fun as it would be to get stripped by fangirls, we had much fun elsewhere. So we ate the few sandwiches they gave us and downed the chocolate cake. (god that stuff tasted good.) Before heading out into the hotel lobby where we bumped into another FF7 group. A Seph, Kadaj, and another Cloud. Oh, and we tagged a Reno stalker who followed us around a bit. Anyway, we asked if we could hang with them for a while and for some reason they wanted or had an idea to do a photo shoot outside at midnight in the courtyard and ended up taking photo shoots of Final Fantasy 7 marriages crack. Taking turns proposing to each other using the free room Bible and book of Mormon. -Snickersneer.- God, that was just soooo much fun. I got married to Kadaj. Then we had Seph and Cloud. Zack and two Clouds with Reno playing the priest was amusing. We even had Ukeiroth! The fun didnt end there either...returned back to the lobby and took turns semeing Cloud on the couch. Cloudcest was probably the most crack of it all as you'll probably end up seeing in the pics to follow at some point. And the massive SOLDIER couch pile on. I kinda got sandwiched behind Sephiroth and Zack behind myself in there since Sephiroth's hair was so damn long it hid my face. Pretty much after that it was around 2am so we hit bed after that. Friday probably was the best day we had even though none of the main events happened then. But the most fun photoshoots did.

And that wrapped up Friday, I'll probably type up Saturday and Sunday later on tonight, still feeling a bit groggy.
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Post con sickness [01 Nov 2007|01:48am]
Weeeeeelll...Shachou is back now from another amazing time in SF. Not that I wanted to return...mostly being I contracted geostigma/mako poisoning while I was over there and have been sick since monday with a nasty virus. Coughing, headaches, eyes hurt, ears ringing, sore throat, sniffy nose yeah...you get the picture.

I will post up a report of what happened when my mind isn't spinning still and I can think straight when not nauseous. But, all in all...god I had so much fun, the crack that we did was just so amusing. Oh...and I'll be sure to snag pictures eventually from friends who were there for you all to see. I think maybe we took a thousand pictures. x.x
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Y-con 2007 Going west again. [22 Oct 2007|07:36pm]
Okay, so nows the time...god..I think I still have a few butterflies in my stomach..the anxiety is terrible. Excitement or worry I dunno...i think it'll calm once I get there all at the hotel and I can flop and calm down. I'm still a bit disappoimted that SE STILL haven't released the Cloud MA statues yet... they said October 2007 but, eh...I was kinda wanting to see that before I left for Y-Con.

Well..everything is mostly in order I think.. I just hate to think I've forgotten something to take with me. Maybe life will let me sleep this time, last year I was tossing and turning all night and by the time I managed to sleep for one hour I had to get up and it was pissing it down with rain outside so hard...

Costume wise this year I'm only doing two, unlike three last year...I only wanna take one suitcase. It strained my arms taking two and a laptop case and a side bag. I got my PSPs all charged up, MP3 player, novels to read, cell phone, camera...passport and money all check.

As most of you know what my cosplays this year will be AC Cloud and FF7 Rufus. My favourite variations of those characters outfits. Last year was Preventer Heero, Yuri Shadow Hearts 2 and Squall FF8. Though, I do admit I will be sad not doing a Heero this year. Because there is ALWAYS lots of GW cosplayers. I will make up for it next year, maybe? I have to try my Sanc Kingdom Heero outfit sometime. But, but..I WILL BE SHACHOU! Something I've always wanted to do since I played FF7 10 years ago now in that outfit of his. I think its gonna be Shin-Ra Inc. year. The only thing I'll need is a Dark Nation, any vollenteers?

So, to all my adoring friends and close ones, take care y'all and be good. I will be thinking about you all for when I come back and get RP from some of you <.<. Much love <3 Leave messages or something while I'm gone, I might be able to read some if the wireless net works at the hotel. My laptop hates American wireless for some reason...it just won't work and just says...its not Shin-Ra internet. Blah. American wireless fails.

P.S Don't go raiding/molesting my collectables while I'm gone, I shall know if the hallowed items are touched. XP Anyhoo, love you all. See you next Wednesday after halloween. Wish me luck and safety from fangirls? -Wibble.- MISS YOU ALLLLLLL!
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